Map 53 Jane Russell 70 Jane Russell 123 Clark Gable 156 Lassie Lane 578 Ginger Rogers 602 Hollywood Vista 614 Doris Day 695 Betty Grable 713 Kathryn Hepburn 853 Rita Hayworth 931 Bette Davis 951 Elizabeth Taylor 978 Jean Harlow 1030 Mae West 1072 Jane Russell 1074 Jane Russell 1080 Jane Russell 1137 Jean Harlow

Sun Vista has the most peculiar numbering system that must drive delivery people mad. At first, it seems like there is no rhyme or reason to it, but in fact, there is. They started at the north-west corner of the park and numbered all the lots around the perimeter: 1 to 204. They continued by going up and down the streets from west to east in the first block, then from east to west in the second block, and so on.

 Sites shaded in red are for sale, those shaded in green are for rent. Clicking on either red or green sites will take you to the appropriate listing. Sites with a red circle have been recently SOLD. Sites with a purple circle have sales pending. Sites shaded with yellow mark the “pet-friendly” section where dogs and cats are allowed.

Updated 29 August 2021

 To go directly to any individual listing you can either click on the highlighted space on the map or click on the desired unit number below :


123       297

578   614    658    818    1030   1080


53     123  156  199      578   614  713

853    931   951  1030    1137

For a video of what the park really looks like, watch this:

Flying around Sun Vista