Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a pet?

There is a “pet section” in the park which includes all places along Lassie Lane [against the West wall] as well as the block bounded by Hollywood Vista and Errol Flynn. If you live or camp, in one of these spaces, then you can have a pet (or pets). However, your pet must be kept on a leash when out of the house, and may not be taken into the ‘non-pet’ area of the park.

What is the cost of ownership of a Park Model at Sun Vista?

Once you have purchased your park model, there are still a number of ongoing recurring costs, as there are with the ownership of any home. In order of their approximate annual cost, these are:

1. The annual rental fee charged by the park. For the 2013 season that is $3600. This covers things like water and sewage, garbage pick-up, cable TV, and access to the many amenities provided by the park.

2. Insurance. This depends on the value of your particular park model, its contents, and the sort of insurance you want to cover, so it can vary quite a bit. For a home valued at $40,000 the annual cost is likely going to be about $200.

3. Electricity. This will obviously vary from household to household depending on usage. Most park models are both heated and cooled electrically, so your choice of comfort level has a big impact. For the winter season (October to March) you should budget between $60 and $110 per month.

4. Travel costs. Of course you have to get from your summer home to Yuma and back again, and that cost will be entirely dependent upon your mode of travel, and the distance involved. When traveling by car you should allow at least $200/day for gas, food, and motel expenses.

5. Health Insurance. For Canadians, out-of-country health insurance costs are a very significant expense which will vary according to age, medical history, and length of stay. For a healthy couple in their mid-60’s staying for 180 days it may cost no more than $500 per person, whereas an 85 year-old with medical issues may have to pay more than $5,000. For many it is this cost which will ultimately determine when they can no longer afford to be a snowbird.

6. Taxes: The cost of Property Taxes in Yuma for “mobile homes” is very reasonable. For a 25 year old park model in 2014 we paid $100.

Why would I go to Yuma?

There are other places in Arizona, such as Phoenix and Lake Havasu, so why go to Yuma? Well, geography is one reason. The south-west corner of the state is one of the lowest spots in the state. Yuma is only about 200 feet above sea level. By comparison, Phoenix is about 2,000 ft ASL, so right off the bat it is typically 8 Fahrenheit degrees cooler than Yuma, which makes a significant difference during the winter months. Yuma is also a much smaller city, so it does not suffer from traffic congestion or smog like Phoenix. At the same time, Yuma is  big enough to have decent shopping, entertainment, and dining. You don’t feel like you’re living out in the boon-docks! The desert climate is dry, and best of all, sunny. Even in the cooler months of January and February it is rarely overcast. Yuma is one of the sunniest locations in the continental U.S. Another little bonus is it’s proximity to Los Algodones, Mexico, which has become the dental capital of Mexico. If you need to get any dental work done, Algodones is the place to do it, at a fraction of the cost of doing it at home in the US or Canada.

How Can I sell my park model in Sun Vista?

Inevitably, the day will come when you have to sell your park model at Sun Vista. Most people sell their places by themselves. They simply put a “For Sale” sign on the front, make up a 3×5” index card advertisement and have it posted on the Bulletin Board by the Rec Office staff, and wait for someone in the park to show an interest. If you are comfortable with showing your home yourself, and bargaining with a buyer to come to a mutually agreeable price, this works fine. If you are not comfortable doing this, or if for any reason you are unable to be present to manage the sale yourself, there are currently a number of other options available to you. Some of ladies in the park with real-estate experience will help with preparing your place for showings, making appointments to show it to prospective buyers, and negotiating a deal for you. They will do this for a modest flat fee, with no obligation if you change your mind, other than that cleaning fees must be paid. Their services are restricted to the October to March timeframe when they reside in the park.

Who are “Blue Diamond”?

This company manufactures and sells new Park Models in Yuma. They will also act as sales agents on your behalf to sell your Blue Diamond park model for you. You can check out their web site at :Blue Diamond Home and RV

Why should I list with SVParkModels.com?

If you just place a For Sale sign on the front of your place and an ad on the bulletin board in the rec. centre, then you have immediately restricted your potential buyers to those people who may walk or drive past your place. While it’s true that a lot of people who are in the market for a place in Sun Vista do
come into the park to take a look, there are a lot of people who have never been here who would be interested, if only you would give them a way to see what it is you have on offer. Being able to look at a map to see where your unit is located, being able to see what your place actually looks like through photos and a video-walk-through, and being able to read about the
features of your unit can be immensely helpful in getting a potential buyer excited about your place. Most buyers also look at more than one place, and 
because park models can be very similar it can be difficult for people to remember which one had which features. Enabling them to review the photos and video of your  place may be crucial in tipping their decision in your favour.

While having your listing on on our site does not guarantee a sale, we know for certain that it works. Several of our clients have reported that their units were sold as a direct result of their listing, and one was recently sold to a couple in Canada on the strength of the photos and video they saw on line.

What does Sun Vista have to offer?

Click here to see the “Facilities” page and find links to short videos of the recreational facilities at Sun Vista.

How can I be alerted to price changes or new listings?

If you would like to be receive e-mail notification of price changes, or new listings, just e-mail the web-master at : rickjnav@gmail.com

Note: this FAQ area of the site is under construction and will be added to as time permits.